Puma Shoes South Africa

Puma is a leading sports accessories manufacturer in the World. Their sports shoes are endorsed and worn by top athletes around the globe. It is one of the famous shoe brands in South Africa because of the wide variety of shoes offered at affordable and reasonable rates. Puma is known for its quality products which have been made using the latest sports technology to give you an added advantage to your performance. South Africa is a land of long distance runners and sprinters who are professional runners and compete at the international level. This is why they prefer high quality and performance shoes from Puma, which is endorsed by the fastest man in the planet, Usain Bolt. This goes to show the amount of trust and brand value Puma has to offer to its customers. Let us look at the different varieties of shoes offered by Puma and its stores in South Africa.

Running: South Africans are active participants in running activities like marathons and other cross fit activities. There are many reputed athletes who are offered sponsorship by Puma and who represent the country on a global level. Puma shoes for running belong to a different level compared to the shoes offered by other brands. Their Evospeed range of shoes is used by Top runners and sprinters like Usain bolt and Yohan Blake. The Evospeed range of shoes consist of the latest technology along with cutting edge features like traction support and lightweight, for the best and lightest fabrics are used to make these shoes. There are many marathons conducted in the country all the year around. So people actively participate in these events and come long for good quality running shoes. These shoes unlike the other brands provide the best experience and are available at reasonable rates that can be afforded by an average South African.

Other Sports: Puma also has an exclusive variety of shoes in other sports like Cricket, Soccer and Rugby which is the most played sport in the country. They offer sponsorship to the teams and other international events. Their soccer range of shoes which are F50 and predator range of shoes are worn by top soccer players across the world. The Puma cricket spikes are also worn by many international level cricketers and budding players.

Casuals: Puma has recently come up with their latest casual range of shoes that has gone down well with the South Africans. Their new range of flip-flops and sandals are also a great hit amongst the locals who get the best quality products at very low prices. The casual shoes and sandals can be worn almost everyone as it provides great comfort and stability to the feet.

You can find authorized Puma stores and retail outlets all across the country who are genuine resellers of the shoes. You can find three Puma stores spread across Johannesburg and Cape Town. In order to ensure that you get genuine Puma shoes it is advisable to buy the same only from authorized stores, as many duplicate shoes are available in the market.
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